Zapier Feed Meta

Zapier Feed Meta


The Feed Object meta for the Zapier add-on is an associative array containing the properties which determine how the add-on should process the form submission.
$feed[‘meta’] = array(
‘feedName’ => ‘Your Feed Name’,
‘feed_condition_conditional_logic’ => true,
‘feed_condition_conditional_logic_object’ => array(
‘conditionalLogic’ => array(),

We recommend accessing the $feed meta using the rgar() or rgars() functions, e.g.:
$conditional_logic_enabled = rgars( $feed, ‘meta/feed_condition_conditional_logic’ );


feedName string
The feed name which appears on the add-ons feeds tab.

zapURL string
The Zapier hosted URL where the entry data will be sent when the feed is processed.

adminLabels string
Indicates if the field admin labels should be sent to Zapier instead of the main labels, if configured. Possible values: 1 or 0.

feed_condition_conditional_logic boolean
Is the feed condition (conditional logic) setting enabled. Default is false.

feed_condition_conditional_logic_object array
An associative array containing the conditional logic rules. See the Conditional Logic Object for more details.

legacy boolean
Indicates if the feed was migrated from the non-framework version of the add-on (pre 4.0).

legacy_id int
The feed ID when it was stored in the legacy rg_zapier table.

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