Zoho CRM Change Log

Zoho CRM Change Log

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2.0 | 2021-10-27

Fixed a fatal error that occurs after refreshing authentication tokens with the Zoho API.

1.13 | 2021-05-05

Added a menu icon for Gravity Forms 2.5.
Fixed an issue where the reauthentication notice appears for users who have never authenticated before.
Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 8.
Fixed an issue where authentication may not complete after attempting a connection with Zoho.

1.12 | 2020-09-23

Added support for Gravity Forms 2.5.
Fixed an issue where the add-on would attempt to use deactivated module layouts.

1.11 | 2020-07-14

Added security enhancements.
Fixed an infinite loop which occurred when the record insert error returned by Zoho CRM is missing the api_name.


Added security enhancements.

1.9 | 2020-05-14

Added translations for Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and Turkish.
Added support for the Australia (AU) data center.
Added license key to authorization url.
Added the gform_zohocrm_record filter to modify the record arguments before they are sent to Zoho CRM.
Fixed the width of the Feed Name setting on the feed configuration page.
Fixed an issue where PHP notices thrown after gform_zohocrm_record introduced.
Fixed an issue where PHP notices thrown when the contact or lead has no Email but doesn’t allow duplicate in the settings.
Updated a few labels on the settings page related to connecting and disconnecting the add-on with Zoho CRM.

1.8 | 2019-08-08

Added security enhancements.
Added gform_zohocrm_post_create_lead, gform_zohocrm_post_create_contact and gform_zohocrm_post_create_task, to allow custom actions to be performed after creating a lead, contact or task.
Updated Authenticate With options. After switching to OAuth Authentication, remove the other old options.
Updated the feed configuration page to support mapping checkbox (boolean) type Zoho fields.
Fixed an issue when a Zoho account used a non-English language, some module fields couldn’t be updated with REST API.
Fixed an issue when Contacts, Leads or Tasks module is missing, REST API couldn’t work at all.
Fixed an issue where Blueprints weren’t triggered when adding Contacts/Leads in Workflow Mode with v2 API.
Fixed an issue where fields (especially Last Name and Email fields) missing from the feed settings for non-English Zoho accounts users.
Fixed an issue where values mapped to checkbox type Zoho fields would not be passed to the API.
Fixed the “Field cannot be found at Zoho CRM” issue with v2 API.

1.7 | 2019-04-25

Added support for multiple data center when authenticating with v2 API.

1.6 | 2019-04-15

Added supports for Zoho CRM v2 REST API.
Added supports for Approval Process if “Approval Mode” is checked in feed settings, when authenticated with REST API.
Fixed feed settings not saving when selecting a choice containing an ampersand.
Fixed the setting for delaying feed processing until after payment not being added to the PayPal Standard feed configuration page.
Fixed issue when using special characters to create contacts.

1.5 | 2018-03-30

Added security enhancements.
Added logging statements.
Added GPL to plugin header.
Updated Plugin URI and Author URI to use https.
Updated module field map to allow for custom fields to be used.
Updated strings for translations.
Fixed a PHP fatal error which can occur on the feeds page if the Zoho account user does not have permission to access the contacts or leads modules.
Fixed the settings page not showing an error when the maximum number of allowed auth tokens has been exceeded.
Fixed an issue with the response code logging statement.
Fixed an issue with a few strings using the wrong text domain for translations.
Fixed an issue which prevented files being sent to Zoho.
Fixed owner not being set on the created contact/lead.
Fixed an issue retrieving the ID of the created contact from the API response which also caused contact task creation to fail.

1.4 | 2017-01-05

Updated contact, lead and task creation error reporting.
Fixed module fields not importing in certain scenarios.
Fixed strings for translations.

1.3 | 2016-08-31

Added hook to allow API URL to be changed.
Updated not to force standard fields to be required. The required state of the field on the feed will match the required state of the field in the Zoho account.
Fixed issue where checking for duplicate leads did not correctly update duplicate leads.
Fixed an issue where Zoho was unable to parse the XML data if the value contained special characters.
Fixed an issue with the request failed message if a WP_Error occurs.

1.2 | 2016-02-10

Added support for configuring a task description.
Added feed duplication support.
Added support for delaying feed processing until payment by PayPal Standard is successfully completed.
Added some additional logging.
Updated the task due date setting to support merge tags. The merge tag value must be numeric for the due date to be set.
Updated to display an error for the password field on the settings page if Zoho returns a WEB_LOGIN_REQUIRED error.
Fixed an issue with the request failed message if a WP_Error occurs.
Fixed an issue with the text domain for some of the translatable strings.
Fixed an issue with how multiple choices in multi select and checkbox type field values are separated when being sent to Zoho.
Fixed module field choices return “Array” as an option.
Fixed fatal error that occurs during 1.1.5 upgrade routine.
Fixed contacts and leads not being created when Zoho CRM account language is not set to English.
Fixed module field loading to support foreign languages.

1.1 | 2015-09-14

Added authentication option for third party services (Google Apps, Facebook, Yahoo).
Added options to allow for duplicate contacts and feeds.
Added option to manually clear custom fields cache.
Changed custom fields cache from 24 hours to 12 hours.
Fixed an issue where only some of the uploaded files were attached.
Updated available field types for mapping to the contact/lead email.

1.0 | 2015-07-30

It’s all new!

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